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A recap of the last two weeks

1. Got a reassigment at work, which wasn't really a "demotion" but it did come as a result of my incompetence (although they didn't use that word). More on this later. In fact, more on this in about 10 minutes from now...I really need to vent about this shit.

2. Applied for, and was accepted by a graduate school, and then decided not to enroll (something about the 90% acceptance rate and the fact that only 5 people showed up on registration day)

3. Contacted by two old friends I haven't heard from in years, on the same day.

4. Went to Lollapalooza, relived my youth, bought a four dollar Coke (but passed on the 30 dollar t-shirt)

5. Still dealing with a personal issue, which I've discussed at length in my previous journal...hence the creation of this new journal. The old one was getting way too depressing and sappy and Dashboard Confessionalish. It's still up somewhere, and might even see an occasional update, but I can't tell you where it is because, frankly, I get embarassed just reading it myself. I'm looking for a more mainstream audience here. Things are getting better on this front though.

I usually start up these journals in a moment of inspiration and then give up on them after a couple weeks. That could very well be the case here, but for now I feel really motivated...I guess. Oh, and there will be a redesign as soon as I figure out how to do it. I think I've used this same style for the last three journals and I'm sick of it.
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