Eric (californiasucks) wrote,

It's a long way to the top if you want to rock n' roll!

I saw School of Rock last night. Jack Black is great in it. Nearly two hours of Jables being Jables. In fact, it's probably the first good movie he's had a starring role in. High Fidelity was a great film, but it doesn't count because he had more of a supporting role. Saving Silverman was kind of lame, and he seemed to main be in the second half of Orange County. JB is funniest when he's being himself, and this role is probably the closest thing to it (other than the upcoming Tenacious D movie). Case in point, I'm watching him on SNL right now and it's not nearly as funny when he's portraying all these other characters. Anyway the movie rocked my head, and my mind, and my brain.
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