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It's evolution, baby!!

I took the GMAT over the weekend. I came out with a score of 670, which I guess is pretty decent considering that I only started seriously studying a couple weeks before (and I use the term "seriously studying" loosely). The frustrating part is that this is the same exact score I got when I last took the test two years ago. The way is breaks down is that I did really good on the verbal part and kinda shitty on the math. The math was totally insane, psycho math. With numbers to the 253rd power and shit like that. I guess I should be lucky to get the score I got, because at the end of the math portion I was just guessing.

What else? I saw Kill Bill, which was awesome. Even if I didn't think it was awesome it's like, too bad...gotta see the sequel to find out what happens in the end. But it was a fun movie. The best part was that Lucy Liu's character Oren Ishii is a Chinese-Japanese-American like myself. I've rarely seen that in person, let alone in a film. I usually hate Lucy Liu, but her character in this film was totally badass.

I snagged some Bridge School tickets today! As I predicted, they let go of some okay seats for Sunday's show. Row J of section 200 which is kind of way off toward the side, not as great as last time but I don't care, it's better than being on the lawn. This week I've been listening almost exclusively to Pearl Jam, which brings me back to high school. I used to be such a big fan, and then for a while I forgot that they existed. But here I am really excited to see them again. But not quite as excited as I am for Crosby Stills Nash & God.
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