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It's evolution, baby!!

I took the GMAT over the weekend. I came out with a score of 670, which I guess is pretty decent considering that I only started seriously studying a couple weeks before (and I use the term "seriously studying" loosely). The frustrating part is that this is the same exact score I got when I last took the test two years ago. The way is breaks down is that I did really good on the verbal part and kinda shitty on the math. The math was totally insane, psycho math. With numbers to the 253rd power and shit like that. I guess I should be lucky to get the score I got, because at the end of the math portion I was just guessing.

What else? I saw Kill Bill, which was awesome. Even if I didn't think it was awesome it's like, too bad...gotta see the sequel to find out what happens in the end. But it was a fun movie. The best part was that Lucy Liu's character Oren Ishii is a Chinese-Japanese-American like myself. I've rarely seen that in person, let alone in a film. I usually hate Lucy Liu, but her character in this film was totally badass.

I snagged some Bridge School tickets today! As I predicted, they let go of some okay seats for Sunday's show. Row J of section 200 which is kind of way off toward the side, not as great as last time but I don't care, it's better than being on the lawn. This week I've been listening almost exclusively to Pearl Jam, which brings me back to high school. I used to be such a big fan, and then for a while I forgot that they existed. But here I am really excited to see them again. But not quite as excited as I am for Crosby Stills Nash & God.
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hi, random stranger here. why exactly does california suck? :)
i was excited to see that you have asian man records in your interests list, & i've got to make sure that you know about this kid named grant olney's new record. it comes out july 7th on asian man (plea for peace) and it's called "brokedown gospel." the quote from the last asian man newsletter is:

"For JULY, newcomer GRANT OLNEY will amaze you with his debut album "Brokedown Gospel". This up and coming singer/ songwriter plays darkly beautiful melodic music. If you are a fan of NICK DRAKE, JEFF BUCKLEY, BRIGHT EYES, THE CURE, NICK CAVE, you may want to check out Olney. You don`t need to wait for the upcoming album as you can check out his fantastic song "Good Morning Lolly" at the Asian Man Records website."

here are links to two of my favorite of his mp3s:

Good Morning Lolly -

Bright Heights City -

and of course, &

i hope you like it, & if you do, please pass the word along. i just really want to get the word out about this record. thank you!
Anyway, we don't know eachother, but I'm bored, and I saw that you also have "Secret Asian Man" listed as an interest. I don't know what the hell made you want to do that, but cool! Also, Kill Bill is great, though I have yet to see Vol. 2. Also, I was born in California and raised in Tennessee, and I somehow doubt that it can suck worse than my small town. ^-^
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