Eric (californiasucks) wrote,

A job that slowly kills you

Yesterday afternoon, some of my coworkers came down from another floor in our office. They said the paramedics were up there working on someone. He hadn't been feeling well for the last couple days, and he had fainted. Then about an hour later we got an email from the head of the department saying that he was taken to the hospital and had passed away.

I didn't know this guy real well, or at all really. I'd seen his name on documents and memos, but I never actually met him. I've probably seen him around the office, and if I saw a picture of him I'm sure I'd recognize him. But that's just scary. He was something like 70 years old, which makes you wonder why he was still working here. And of course, for the people around him, who tried to help him and who have to walk by his empty desk from now on.

This didn't bother me quite as much as what happened when the news went out through that email. This highly annoying loudmouthed woman who sits next to me just went "Oh my GAWD, the guy DIED! Hey, did you hear? That guy died!". And then runs over to the next cluster of desks to announce it. "Hey, you guys!! He died!! That guy upstairs DIED!!".

I mean...shut the fuck up and have a little respect. Do you get some kind of pleasure out of being the one to break that kind of news? Some of these people might have been close to him. There's no good way to learn of someone's death, but any way has got to be better than some blabbermouth announcing it like she's announcing Barry Bonds hitting a home run. That kind of pissed me off, but as usual I just kept quiet and tried to put it out of my mind. I'm starting to resent being reassigned to this desk.
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