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Subway it is a porno

"We're so far apart but the trouble is/That I can't take BART out to where you live" - The Mr. T Experience

So it was just announced that BART might not be coming to San Jose until sometime around 2026. I'm not joking. You want to know why I picked the livejournal username that I did? That's why. Public transportation is pathetic here. I would love to live in a city where I didn't need to own a car. I just got back from New York, and I was just amazed at the number of options those people have to get around and how interconnected all of those options are. And don't let me start on Hong Kong. If they had that kind of efficiency here, something like an extension to San Jose would have been a done deal 20 years ago. By now they'd be building BART tracks to Lake Tahoe.
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