Eric (californiasucks) wrote,

And it's root, root, root for...

For postseason baseball I guess I am giving my support to the A's. Because my Dodgers squandered yet another season and are now sitting at home as they usually are in October, I need to follow a team during the postseason because I don't want to be watching playoff games without someone to root for temporarily.

Right now the A's make the most sense to me. I've never had anything against them (except in 88 when the Dodgers whipped their asses). They're still an underrated team, especially right here in the bay area where nobody attends their games. I sure as hell ain't rooting for the Giants, and nobody wants to see the Yankees or the Braves in the World Series. When your three least favorite teams are in the playoffs it makes it easy to pick sides. So, if the A's lose to the Red Sox I'll root for the Cubs because I used to watch a lot of Cubs games on WGN when I was a kid. If the Cubs don't make it, I'll root for the Red Sox because of that curse of the bambino thing. If neither of them make it, I'll root for whoever is playing against either the Yankees, Giants, or Braves. If it comes down to the Giants vs. Yankees or something like that, I'll be watching preseason hockey.
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