Eric (californiasucks) wrote,

Don't call it a comeback

I'm back in town. I wrote some stuff on the trip which resemble journal entries, so I'll post it up here eventually. For now I'll just say that the trip was a lot of fun. Some things I learned over the last week:

-New Jersey is the ugliest state in the union
-Phoenix, Arizona is the ugliest city in the union, excluding any city in New Jersey
-Baltimore is one big ghetto, with a really nice ballpark stuck in the middle
-Atlantic City needs to fall into the Atlantic
-Rupert Jee actually exists, and is not some made up character for the Letterman show
-CBGB is the punkest place on earth. It even SMELLS punk
-Public transportation really sucks in California compared with the east coast
-New York really is the greatest city in the world...but THE YANKEES SUCK!!

Dammit, I missed the onsale date for Bridge School Benefit tickets. The lineup looks really good this year, although slightly pandering to the Live 105 crowd (Dashboard??). I'm still gonna go though. If it's like last year the good seats will be released the week of the show.
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