Eric (californiasucks) wrote,

Pull me out of the aircrash


LIVE 105 wants you to see Radiohead, here and there! The "here" part: Up close and personal at the next Studio Sessions at Metreon! The "there" part: On the lawn at Shoreline on September 23rd. Brought to you by Scion, Smirnoff Ice and Metreon.

If someone wins and wants to hook me up with this, I would gladly cancel my trip to the east coast next week. In fact, I would gladly send you to the east coast in my place. Have you ever been to New Jersey? It's a beautiful state. I've never been to the theater at the Metreon, but I'm guessing it's small. I wonder how Radiohead feels about their show being sponsored by Smirnoff Ice.

I do have one show to look forward to before I go, which is Cake and Cheap Trick on Friday! How awesome will it be to hear "Frank Sinatra" and "Auf Wiedersehen" on the same night?
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