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The hardest button to button (er...push)

It happened again this morning. I was walking into work today, approaching the street I cross every morning to get to my building. I was the first one to the intersection, so I pushed the button on the crosswalk signal light. Not three seconds later, this guy who was walking behind me, who clearly saw me press the button, walks up to the signal light and PUSHES THE BUTTON AGAIN.

Now, maybe I don't understand how crosswalk signals work. I was under the impression that pressing the button once was enough to alert the complex system of signals that there are pedestrians waiting to cross the street. I was not aware that repeated pressing of said button triggers some kind of overriding mechanism that immediately stops traffic in all directions and gives priority to those pedestrians. I guess this is the same kind of mechanism that causes the elevator to reach your floor faster when you push that button repeatedly.

This guy works somewhere in my department too, on another floor. I've definitely seen him around. How do they let idiots like this work for us? Oh wait...I'm an idiot, and I work for us. Speaking of which, I started my new assignment at my new desk today. Not much to report there, but it seems like people around me aren't too thrilled that I'm there. Oh well, neither am I.
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