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Qualification was the golden rule

I just got back from an information meeting for Berkeley's MBA program. Hahahahaha, I'm doomed. Everyone in the program works for Intel or IBM or Sun, and they've been working there for quite some time. Not too many entry level government appraisers in that program, that's for sure. My GMAT score, which I thought was decent, is below the median, and my GPA...uhhhh, let's not talk about that. The whole thing costs $70,000 too, so at least I know my allotted employer reimbursement of $700 will cover 1% of that.

In the last month I applied for and was actually accepted into USF's Master of Public Administration program. Then I did a little research and found out they have a 90% acceptance rate. I mean, they must be pretty desparate for enrollments if they accepted my ass. They even waived the application fee, and they moved the deadline forward because they wanted to make a "decision" quickly. I missed the new deadline, and they still let me submit everything, and the next day I was accepted. Two days later was the registration meeting. I went down there to tell them "no thanks" (actually, I deferred admission, just in case) and there were a whopping five people there. Somehow I don't think this program is quite up to Berkeley's standards.

Just to illustrate my point, I read in the paper that even the Dalai Lama got a degree from USF this past weekend. Now they're just handing these out to anyone. Come on, I don't think this guy puts too much time into his schoolwork, seeing as how he's too busy running from the Chinese government and all.

I still haven't ranted on the work situation, have I? Stay tuned.
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