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I'm famous (internationally!)

Okay, so I didn't get around to talking about the work situation last night. I don't think I'll get around to it tonight either. But I do have something cool to share. I came across this today when I typed my name into a search engine (, it works really well). It's a Q&A session with Henry Rollins, conducted by the BBC. People were asked to submit their questions through email. I totally forgot that I had done this, and so I pulled up this site and found that the guy actually answered my question:

Q. What was it like recording at Sun Studios in Memphis? Did the vibe have a direct effect on the songs you recorded there? Eric Matsuda, San Jose, CA

A. Around two in the morning, it's really something. It's very quiet outside and you forget that it's open to the tourists during the day. It was truly something. I don't know much about "vibe" or whatever but it sure was cool being in there and playing music where all that great stuff went down.

I like how he kinda made fun of my wording there. I have no idea what I meant by "vibe", that's just a word you hear a lot in conjunction with music. I must have written this not long after coming back from my trip to Memphis, where I actually did the tourist thing and took the Sun Studio tour, which was totally badass. Anyway, now my question is a part of the massive BBC archives, which puts me up there with the Beatles and the Who.
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